foochuck 2.0 Launch and Time to Clear the Air

You know, Twitter is great. Writing 140 character blurbs of updates has been a lot of fun for me during the past 2 years, but I’ve come back to the point where I need to say more. 140 characters just ain’t cuttin’ it.

Being a music listener for the past 5 years has also been a pleasure. But my hiatus from playing music has also come to an end and I need the therapy that these six strings bring to my fingers and my soul.

The 7 year relationship I was in up until April 2011 kept me focused to a point, but everything comes to an end. I’m not really sure if I remember how to be single, I’ll assume it’s like riding a bike. Can I borrow your helmet?

I find myself in the middle of nowhere, a place where some people consider it to be home. I live in Nashville, TN now. On my way here, playing music and the single life were the furthest things from my mind. It’s kind of funny where life takes me. I put my mind towards a goal and soon after, that goal is unreachable…however new goals are born.

I’ve never been one to give up. No matter how tough things get, I find a laugh in my dark humor, through a tweet, in someone’s picture or sanity through a song. And that’s my life. I’ve finally updated this website to bring together the things that help me get by, whether it’s music, family, friends, nerd talk, ranting / raving, movies, tv shows, technology, videos, social media or work…this is where I’ll be posting everything.

Mostly everything I’ve written in the past 7 or 8 years is on this site in one form or another. Some of you might remember my MySpace blogs or earlier blogs and all of that is here if you want to check it out again. Just about everything excluding a blog post about a proposal, but I’ll save that story for another day.

Through this site and the social media sites I’m on, I’m going to share some music with you if you care to listen. I’m gonna post crazy pictures of my cats and hopefully they make you smile they like make me smile. I’m gonna share weird stories and let you look through my outlook, but I’d like your input too. So take a look around and hopefully you’ll come across something that helps you get through the day, if you need it.

Finally, I honestly feel good where I’m at; there are a few things holding me back though and a few hurdles I need to overcome. I’m not really sure if I’ve reached rock bottom yet, but I wish I knew, because I’m ready to return to the top any day now.


PS – On the verge of this new horizon is a new social network known as Google+. You can find me there with the email: foochucks at gmail dot com

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2 Responses to foochuck 2.0 Launch and Time to Clear the Air

  1. Sarah Jane says:

    Lovely. I appreciate your desire to express yourself. You’re real. I like it.

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