Google+ Tip: Scrapbook Photos

I wanted to share a subtle yet cool tip I discovered on Google+ today. And I figured if a nerd like me didn’t know about this feature yet, than most of you probably don’t either.

If you navigate to your profile page and click the blue “Edit Profile” button, you’ll notice there’s an area under your name / tagline where you can add photos. I kept noticing an empty album in Picasa called “Scrapbook Photos” and I finally realized what that album is for.

Similar to facebook where images that you’ve been tagged in appear on your profile, you can manually add photos to your profile page. The five photos that you choose end up in your Picasa album named “Scrapbook Photos”.

As a bonus tip, once you select the five photos, if you’d like to re-arrange them, go into Picasa, open the Scrapbook Photos album and click on the button at the top called Organize. You can now drag the five photos in the order that you’d prefer, save the album and the photos will automatically get updated on your Google+ profile.

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5 Responses to Google+ Tip: Scrapbook Photos

  1. Hebba Haddad says:

    Thanks. Very helpful…!

  2. Layne says:

    Thanks so much. I was going to go in and just bumble around till I got it. This was a confirmation for me! I’ve been wanting to get Scrapbook shots up.

    I just circled you!

  3. Lori says:

    Are all your photos in your scrapbook visible to the world? I can’t figure out how to only share my scrapbook with specified circles!

    • foochuck says:


      I don’t think there’s currently a way to protect your Scrapbook photos. Much like your default photo, the photos are visible to anyone on the web. I’m guessing that Google will eventually update that option in the future though. We’ll see…

  4. Sarah Jane says:

    I’m doing this right now!

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