Since You’ve Been Down (Original Song) [VIDEO]

“Since You’ve Been Down” is an original song I wrote about the ups & downs of being in a long distance relationship.

I tried playing this in standard tuning (as opposed to my regular 1/2 step down) I think it turned out alright. Check it!

Since You’ve Been Down music & lyrics by Charley Campbell

It’s in your life
It’s in the way
It’s suicide

On Monday we would stay up late
Tuesday never hesitate
Wednesday you’d start feeling great
On Thursday I would fly away
On Friday I would hold you tight
All Saturday right through the night
Then Sunday I would let you go
And Monday I’m back here at home

It’s since you’ve been down

Now who’s to blame
And who is right?
It’s insane
Every night

Don’t fall down

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2 Responses to Since You’ve Been Down (Original Song) [VIDEO]

  1. BigKorean says:

    Yo pretty good. Your in another long distance romance. more power to you. I have started to play and sing again there will be some videos coming out this fall.Keep up the Music before you get too old and you don’t look cool singing and playing guitar anymore.


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