Making WordPress Spam Comments Fun

The other day at work, while signing into a client’s WordPress dashboard, I couldn’t help but notice that they had tons of WordPress spam comments piling up. Now most of the time I’m one to just bulk select and send those nasty spam comments to the trash bin, but this time around an idea hit me.

See sometimes I actually read these spam comments. And if you look at tidbits of what these spammers are writing, some of this stuff is hilarious, if you don’t need to ingest too much at once. In fact most of those little gems of BS comments fit right under 140 characters or so. And thus the new Twitter account @WPComments was born.

I’m posting the funniest WordPress spam comments I can find to this Twitter account. In fact, this idea has got me actually reading through several pages upon pages of WordPress spam comments and it’s actually made spam comments actually fun for me, for once.

I don’t know how long the fun will last, but I invite you to follow this new Twitter creation and enjoy the WordPress spam, 140 characters at a time:


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