Google Music Mobile Site Now Available on the iPhone

A few minutes ago I fired up Safari on my iPhone to do some mobile browsing. One of the tabs I previously had open featured Google Music and I received a notification asking if I’d like to update my iPhone capacity to 25MB (sorry I don’t recall the exact message right now). I then noticed that the Google Music window had a black background and it gave me an “initializing” message with a blue loading bar. Excitement set in.

My number one request for Google Music has been fulfilled. There is now a mobile site for Google Music on the iPhone (and I’m assuming all iOS devices featuring the Safari browser) that allows you to easily browse through your ENTIRE music collection and listen to what you want…for FREE (not counting your 3G data bill, of course).

So what are you waiting for Google Music fans with iPhones? Fire up Safari and start rocking out right now! Point your mobile browser to and hail hail the cloud!!!

PS – I have at least 6 Google Music invites available if you’d like one. Post a comment below, contact me on twitter @foochuck or on Google+ here:

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3 Responses to Google Music Mobile Site Now Available on the iPhone

  1. gas says:

    My wp7 can open gmusic desktop site perfectly and play songs. What is the mobile url for it?

  2. Jason says:

    I too got this exciting upgrade today. The only thing that wasn’t exciting is that it didn’t actually play music. Just hangs on the play button animation. Have you had success getting it to play?

    • foochuck says:


      The UI lags a bit, but it does work. Try restarting your iPhone and then see if it works. I’ve also found that using the search feature is currently a little bit faster than scrolling through artists, albums, etc to get to the music you want to hear.

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